Monday, December 6, 2010


Yesterday, December 5th was the international volunteer day and to celebrate it we stayed home resting, hahaha... but in commemoration of that day we will tell you about our beach clean up at Shariane beach last Saturday, Nov 27. We are both part of the VSO's Global Education committee helping with some graphic design and stuff related to design... to begin we had to re-design the logo of Global Education and the result was of course a very cartoonish logo sketched by me and edited/finalized by Chinitas, it's always great to work together and combine ideas, the results are just better when two heads come together right?

That was only the beginning, then we did the posters for the beach clean-up which you all saw in an earlier post and then designed the art for some t-shirts that were handed out after the clean-up.

The day started really early, we had to be in Shariane beach at 8:30am, that meant waking up early and leaving Bombolulu Workshops at 7:30am. The heat was hard on us, after meeting all the teams we all spread along the beach and started picking everything we could... two hours under the sun made us really thirsty and tired and at 12:00pm we head back with bags full of trash. At the end we filled up around 50 bags of trash, mostly with plastic bottles and sandals which were taken to recycling companies afterward by the people from Vipingo Ridge.

So, after all the efforts we were happy to see all the locals working together for this activity, and even though some people living around the area just came for the food and to complain we didn't have enough t-shirts for them, everything went as planned, maybe even better than we thought... so now we have to start planning for the next event, stay tuned and find out what we have under our sleeve to keep Kenya beautiful, today, tomorrow and forever! If you couldn't make it for this event then check out the video and see what you missed, hope to see you next time!

GLOBAL ED + BEACH CLEAN UP from Bara + Chinitas on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

brilliant effort you two! really impressive...50 bags of rubbish is A LOT! we need to do one on that beach in lamu we ended up on! x

Dinorah Ludmilla said...

Me alegra que lograron convocar a bastantes personas; sigan adelante.

MamaGirl said...

nice pixes! i had a great time with you guys. Keep it up and i may be far away but my spirit and support will always be with the Coast Volunteers. See you when i see you hahaha =) Cheers to everybody! Farah - MamaGirl